Step By Step Guide To Get Google To Index Your Website

As we all know, if you want to develop a successful website on Google, then you have to index your new website on google because when your website indexed on google, the faster your website can compete with other top websites. Still, after reading its importance, the biggest question arises in our mind that how to index your new website on a google search engine? That’s why in this article, we will discuss step by step guide to get Google to index your website.

Friends, if you thought that to index your new website on google search engines is complicated, you are wrong. If you put more time and effort into increasing your conversion rate and properly following the steps, you can instantly index your new website on google.

It is a fact that as fast as your website indexed on Google, you will get enough time to build a potential audience for your website.

Let Us Discuss The Steps By Which You Can Easily Index Your New Website On Google:

1. Is Your Website Indexed Already?

It is a very important question because when you develop a new website, then there is a high probability that your website is already indexed on google. If you are also confused, then the simplest way to check that your website is already indexed on Google or not, firstly, go on google and type:, if your website is already indexed, then it shows similar results on Google otherwise, it did not show any result.

2. Install And Set Google Analytics & Search Console

It is the most important step to index your new website on google instantly. Google search console allows you to check the different aspects of your website like visitors, time spent, and also resolves the server errors, while Google analytics gives you the in-depth analysis of your visitors and your site.

3. Create A Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is very important for the growth of your website or e-commerce business. Many of the big blogs and big businesses believe that if they do not have a written plan for execution, then they would not have grown as quickly as they did. That’s why you have to work on a content marketing strategy. According to Hubspot, Blogging gives 13X returns if done in a proper way.

4. Start Blogging

According to experts, blogs are SEO machines. The blogs are crawled by google search engines very easily as compared to the static business page. If your blog becomes successful, then it will also bring traffic to your e-commerce website. Blogs attract 55% more visitors to your website, which will increase your digital presence and ranking on web search engines.

5. Use Internal Links On Your Website

It is also a great way to get your website indexed on your google. Internal links help you to link the pages of your own website, that’s why it is a great way to increase your rankings in organic search results. It is important to structure your website in such a way so that Google can easily understand the content on your website.

6. Promote Social Sharing Of Content

If you share your content on social media, then it is a nice method to index your website on google very quickly. Many of the successful websites receive 45% of their traffic from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

7. Add A Sitemap Plugin To Get Google To Index Your Website

Firstly, let us talk about the site map; site map is nothing but a list of all the pages on your website in an XML format. The main work of the sitemap is to crawl your content and indexed it on google so that it can rise to the top of the organic search results. If you thought that after adding a sitemap plugin, your website would be indexed instantly, the answer is no, but yes it is a great way to index your website on google.

8. Submit A Sitemap To Search Console

This step is also very important, update your sitemap on the google search console. You have to check this step at regular intervals. Firstly, go on google search console, click the URL to go to the dashboard of that site on the left, there is an option to add a sitemap and then add your sitemap in it.

9. Create Social Media Channels

Social media channels are just like a blog. Social media channels give you another place to add the link of your website on it and get more traffic from them, which helps you to index your website very quickly on google and also improves your website rankings on google search engines. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are the best place to add the link to your website.

10. Index Your Site With Other Search Engines

You heard about this step from a lot of people, but before doing this, you should know that there are many disadvantages of manual site URL submission. There are many sites in the market with the help of which you can easily list your website on different search engines, but the fact is that the links which were provided by them are of bad quality and adversely impact your SEO.

11. Share Your Content On Aggregators

A content aggregator is nothing but a place where information is collected from different sources and store it in one place. If you submit your content and website links on these aggregators, then the visitors who visit these aggregators like Quora and Reddit can easily find your content, and if they like your content, then they click on your link and visit your website to get more information.

12. Check Your Google Crawl Errors Frequently

If you really want to maintain the frequency of indexing, then you have to check google crawl errors at least once or twice a month.

13. Submit Your Websites To Directories

It is the fact that if you submit your new URL to blog directories, then there are high chances that the potential user can find your content and become the potential visitor of your site. But with the help of this, you can easily improve your crawl rate and indexing rate.


In this article, we talked about the importance of indexing your website on google, we also talked about the steps by which you can easily index your website on google. I hope that you liked these steps. Then what are you waiting for? Follow these steps to index your website on google quickly.

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