Neha draws more than 10 years of experience as a skilled SEO pioneer, this has skilled her with one of a kind skills to run booming SEO campaigns for futuristic well-known brands, and budding start-ups. On working with this mompreneur, you will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to have one on one interactions with her, and will also get the chance to learn from her real-life experiences, self-derived logistics, authentic data, and advanced foolproof tactics that will guarantee you 100% results!


In this workshop, after being an SEO specialist for more than 11 years, Neha Agarwal will draw inspiration from her own personal life experiences to give you the success of Mantra!
As a mentee, she will not just offer you guidance to make it as an SEO specialist, but will also offer you the golden opportunity to work with her as a job assistant or freelancer.
If you become a part of the program, in addition to golden 2-hour sessions per month, you will also get the chance to receive exclusive SEO case studies, instant replies to queries, and free access to her jam-packed SEO workshops!
With these workshops, Neha is not just imparting her wisdom to aspiring SEO professionals, but creating leaders who will leave a significant mark. Her driving fuel is her passion for content marketing, and with your dedication and her wisdom, no one can stop you from setting the SEO world on fire!


Are you looking for a speaker that’s sure to resonate, inspire and ignite the inner fire of your event attendees?
My goal is not only to inspire audiences, but to inspire new ways of thinking so they can take action to create positive change in their lives. I’m all about being a fire starter – helping ignite the hope and dreams that lie dormant in many of us.


After being a part of this whirlwind of the unpredictable marketing world, in my presentation, I’ll offer you the chance to draw inspiration from my 11+ years of valuable experience as a marketer, entrepreneur, SEO pioneer, and Contextual Content Marketer, with a brief sneak-peek into the importance of great marketing and how to excel that skill. I will also share my personal fool-proof hacks and tricks that guarantee 100% results which will ignite your business to show impressive growth. With my passion for helping businesses grow and your dedication for taking your business to great heights, this presentation will be the glue that will bring all missing pieces together!

I am that push you need to go from mobilized marketers to true leaders of tomorrow!

I motivate people to aim for the stars and create powerful work they are proud of…