SEO Ranking Factors to Dominate SERP

Achieving organic growth and search engine visibility is becoming a tiring task every year. Thanks to the savvy algorithms and changing norms of Google. Unlike few years back, you cannot simply do a few tweaks or stuff keywords to your pages and become googally present! Alas, that is not the case anymore. Much more has come into the realm of search engines making them more smart and the marketers work more exhausting.

But there are still a few basic things, if done correct, you can say you are on the right track.

Evergreen SEO Ranking Factors 

  1. Be relevant to search queries
    Keywords research and intelligently using primary, secondary and tertiary keywords throughout your content is crucial. Though I suggest stop using the wordiness principle and start focusing on relevance of your content in respect of search queries. Try to answer questions of your users. Be informative, be real to your users and at the same time don’t completely forget your keywords list. Google needs to be confident about the quality of your content before gifting you with high search ranking. Relying only on curated content may not be a smart move hence rather bring out something fresh and in trend.
  2. Backlink Profile
    No matter what, backlinks have always remained a signal of your popularity for Google. But link acquisition in 2018 has to be thoughtful than ever before. Don’t just try to acquire backlinks for the sake of increasing backlinks number in your link profile. Try to get links which add value both to an internet user as ell as to your brand value.
  3. Prioritizing Mobile friendliness
    Mobile search is becoming important with every passing day. Prioritizing Mobile friendliness of your website is critical now. It is no longer an option to be mobile-friendly. Keeping the user-experience foremost and working towards better mobile experience should be the top priority.
  4. Don’t Miss Technical SEO
    If you are an e-commerce business, you are bound to have a completely different set of technical issues from any other niche site. So don’t forget to get a technical analysis done and fix the issues which are not just on-page optimization. The issues which may hamper your site’s performance, crawling and even user experience! By the way, if you run your e-commerce business on a shopify platform, then your life is at ease when it comes to technical fixes.

Please remember this is a very basic SEO checklist, the to-do list which is a must to start with E-Commerce SEO. You may want to discuss your website, organic growth targets and ways to achieve those, please feel free to write to me.

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