Basics Of Writing Product Descriptions – E-Commerce

This is a digital world. The virtual interaction of your website with the user has replaced the face to face interaction. There is a need for better virtual communication skill for your e-commerce shop.
There is a great business plan in your mind. The product or service you want to offer is worth it and you know it. Now, how to make people love it as much? You can only achieve this by writing a description similar to a sales pitch.

Here are few tips to write product descriptions to help you sell in the world of e-commerce:

Think about your buyers persona and target them
Before making any step towards marketing or writing a product description stop right there! Make an aim. How can you hit without a goal? What set of consumers will your product satisfy? Be it an app or an online shop, be clear about your buyers. Knowing the nature of buyers and their preferences is all based on this foundation step.

Relevant Words
The space for product description is like a jewel box.  Every word has to be relevant for the buyer. There is no time for adoring fancy vocabulary. A buyer demands quick answer to his needs especially in the virtual space given plenty of other distractions.
Be quick but meaningful.

Don’t try to hard sell
While writing a product description, don’t take it as if you are selling but remind yourself that people are buying this product. Keeping a buying strategy is the real and right approach to go ahead. Think as a buyer and then go ahead with the description.
Your product descriptions should simply follow this standard.
“A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”, this was Steve Jobs in case you needed some inspiration.

What to show; what to write
What you are selling is amazingly comfortable. Simply writing the term comfort as an adjective for the product or may be some other better synonym is something you will not be satisfied with. A picture speaks a thousand words. Are you considering a picture just as a display image? Is the image showing your product or is it hiding it? It’s kind of funny when many a times one has to wonder what is it that is being advertised in the image! Make sure people see only what you want to show.
Ensure correct balance between writing and display.

Marketing as a Brand
You are new in the e-commerce world. How to prove your credibility?
Start by trusting yourself and consider yourself an already amazing brand. This attitude must reflect in the descriptions of your product. Don’t go for marketing like a new bird in town; rather believe in your products, jump ahead with confidence. Yes, it does work!

Being Technical
When talking about the technical side, it’s not about describing the list of inputs of your products. Instead start sounding more wise in your area of business. Be more specific about the contents of the product and how they are suitable for the consumer’s use.

Finally, Invest in display
Remind yourself one more time ‘you are in a virtual interaction! With plenty of distractions.’
Now fix this two line rule in your mind and always assure more than amazing display of your even more amazing product. 90% of the work falls on visuals; just consider it to be the most accurate description of your product. Displaying good doesn’t mean displaying luxury; instead show what the target consumer needs.

Simple enough?
No complexities involved, just go ahead with these simple rules for your e-commerce shop.

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