SEO Internship Experience at Digi Acai – Vasudha Narasimhan

As a final year undergraduate student, during the pandemic, I realized that I had a few extra hours at my disposal everyday after my online classes. I decided to make use of this time by learning a new skill which is when I applied for an SEO internship at Digi Acai through LinkedIn.

I had my apprehensions about being selected for the internship as I had no prior experience in SEO; however I was thrilled when I received the offer letter. Throughout the duration of my internship my lack of prior SEO experience never hindered my work as I had the fortune of working with people who helped me unconditionally. 

I learnt a lot throughout the course of my internship. I understood the importance of SEO and was able to fully comprehend as well as work on numerous activities that are required to assist any website to rank well. My internship started off with learning about meta tags and learning to write them on my own which is when I learnt the importance of keyword research and the role it plays in SEO. Over the three months that I interned at Digi Acai I learnt multiple activities like keyword research, blog & content optimization, creating page content structures, blog editing and interlinking and much more. 

Throughout my internship I received a lot of support and guidance, especially from Arjun Chand, the project manager, under whom I worked. Not only did he patiently teach me different SEO activities he also went out of his way to explain the importance and application of the same. Adjusting to work from home and getting familiarized with different people and activities would’ve been extremely challenging for me if not for the comfortable and encouraging work environment he created for me.

Something that I really appreciated while working at Digi is that we were always encouraged to brush up on our basics to improve our work. For instance, Neha ma’am, organized a meeting to teach everyone the right way to conduct keyword research. The meeting was detailed and interactive and Neha ma’am’s inputs were extremely valuable and beneficial which helped me numerous times during my internship. 

I consider myself fortunate to have received this opportunity to work with this organization. Over the course of my internship I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and skills about SEO and its various aspects.
This internship has not only helped me learn about SEO but also increased my interest in pursuing a career in Digital Marketing. Digi Acai is definitely a great place to intern at and gain experience that has a wonderful SEO team who support and help each other grow. I’m grateful to have been part of this journey and most importantly I’m grateful for Neha ma’am for giving me this opportunity and for always being extremely approachable and supportive. 

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