Here are 7 habits I cultivated as a Mompreneur to simplify life and business

Mompreneurs juggle many hats during the workday, but those who successfully blend parenting with entrepreneurship tend to share certain life- and business-savvy habits. 

Most of us may begin our mornings with a ringing alarm, a cup of morning coffee, and a quick glance at our emails. But, if you look at the daily routines of highly successful mompreneurs, their day doesn’t start like this. It is seen that most successful entrepreneurs or mompreneurs start their morning with a positive note. 

They wake up, take a deep breath and feel thankful for everything. They make clear intentions or plans for the day. Then start the day with yoga or small exercises. Most importantly, they wake up before anyone else does.

I as a mompreneur learnt and unlearned some habits to successfully execute work and care-giving responsibilities for my kid without losing my sanity. Though I also have a few cheat days to ensure I don’t feel monotonous or lose motivation. 

If you’re a mompreneur or soon will be, check out these seven daily practices that can simplify your life as well as lead you to the path to success. 

Here are my seven habits that help me execute my work and care-giving responsibilities for my kid without losing my sanity.

1. Plan My Day — Everyday

For a mompreneur, planning ahead is essential. My personal goal is to complete at least 3 to 5 tasks each day from my daily list. Taking just five minutes to plan your day helps you prioritize what needs to get done, avoid distractions, and map out time for the big picture projects that require more focus so they don’t fall through the cracks.

2. Blocking my calendar for every task – personal or work related

Having dedicated time blocked off on my calendars helps me move away from thinking about work constantly and makes it easier to check tasks off our list without worrying too much about how long something takes or whether we’re spending that time wisely. 

Some moms find that using a timer when working on specific tasks also helps them stay focused without feeling stressed about how much time is passing by.

3. Taking breaks throughout the day

Taking short breaks throughout the day helps me remain focused and avoid burnout. Taking short breaks helps me stay motivated during my daily tasks and avoid fatigue due to long periods of work without rest. 

4. Self-Talk & Mental Space

While this might seem crazy, I really like to talk to myself in a positive way during difficult times. It keeps me motivated and gives me hope to take on new challenges. 

5. Setting Boundaries for People

I am not instantly available, whether it is my clients or team. Whenever possible, I give my team a chance to resolve the issue without my involvement. Setting boundaries can really help you focus on your tasks. 

You need to set boundaries with people who may be distracting them from their work — whether that means politely asking a colleague to stop stopping by every five minutes or making sure others know that you don’t plan on responding right away to messages sent outside of your normal work hours . In the case of mompreneurs, this is especially important because we all have small children at home whom we want to spend time with in addition to focusing on our jobs whenever possible. By setting these boundaries, we found it easier to accomplish the day to day tasks and still take out time for our little ones.

6. Don’t just grab a mug of coffee/tea in the morning 

While sipping a mug of coffee early in the morning may appear to be the natural decision, but health experts suggest water is preferable. After spending long hours without water, a glass of water is the first thing in the morning that may replenish the body while helping digestion and metabolism. Water is an important element, and your body’s organs rely on it to function well.

A glass of water early in the morning may revive you and make you feel more optimistic and prepare you for the day ahead.

7. Delegate, delegate

A mompreneur with so many small tasks on her to-do list each day, I believe in delegation. Additionally, I hired a virtual assistant to help me with the tasks I usually do. Sometimes, when I just open my laptop and chat with her online, I feel great already knowing the task has been accomplished

Final Words… 

When you are talented, you must put in the effort it takes to make your dreams a reality. For that, you need to develop some good habits. You can’t just sit around and wait for some miracle to happen. You must come out of your cosy life and seize what you desire with open hands!

How do you plan to accomplish your life goals? What habits are helping you get closer to your goals?

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