How Brands Are Giving A Strong Message On Mom Wellness & Supporting Mothers

There is a famous quote “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” It becomes extremely challenging for the moms to strike a balance related to varied dimensions of their lives that include managing home, kids, their work and their health. Unfortunately, blame it to diverse reasons but the health aspect is the one that takes a back seat in their lives. Majority of the moms fall victim to the vicious cycle, characterizing the guilt-trap. Mental health has become a global crisis. The same phenomenon has compelled brands to adopt an enhanced cognizant approach related to creating awareness around addressing the mental health and wellness area of healthcare. 

Educating their employees is perhaps the first step towards addressing the mental health of moms. Brands are now putting their best foot forward to provide managers with relevant resources and information that help them to identify signs of the mental issues of the employees who are moms. Source:

Modern age is the age of social media. The number of moms using social media is growing rapidly. It has become imperative for the brands to revamp their thought process related to acknowledging the urgent need to address the mental health. In simple words, they are compelled to adopt a more sensitive attitude towards women. According to research, social media is one of the major reasons that trigger various health issues in women, including anxiety, depression, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, etc. Considering the same, brands are looking for thoughtful and creative ways to tackle this burning issue. 

Building and maintaining a culture of self-acceptance is the need of the hour for the brands. Majority of modern moms become subject to bullying, public backlash, damaging comparisons, brutal trolling, self-doubt, etc. The same takes an extensive psychological toll on their mental health and wellness. Brands are coming forward with the content that builds a culture of self-acceptance to counteract the varied disturbing challenges. 

Brands are indeed turning themselves into safer spaces where moms belonging to diversified culture can seek support against varied issues related to mental wellness. They now lay stress on creating content embracing personalized stories that promote authenticity. These personalized stories encourage moms to open up about their mental health and struggles as they are the most ideal entities to set the culture of authenticity. Through this genuine effort, brands aim to optimize these experiences to further empower the moms to make things better through seeking inspiration from the relevant examples set by other moms. 

Brands are now more eager to educate the moms related to reshaping their perspective towards themselves. For the same, they work on creating educational content that is more relatable to their constant struggle with varied mental health issues. Also, brands strive to raise awareness through their emotion-rich content. This content encourages the other entities including spouse, children, etc, to extend their support to the moms struggling with mental issues. 

The trend of offering telehealth options via FaceTime sessions is witnessing an upward swing. This innovative idea is enabling brands to keep the mental issues and wellness related issues, in check. Also, numerous brands do post extremely engaging content that addresses the issues related to moms’ mental health and wellness besides offering online counselling. 

The concept of Wellness is ever-evolving that now embraces emotional social, mental, physical and financial aspects. Even brands, these days have begun laying a strong emphasis on adopting a holistic approach that is competent in addressing the wellness and mental health-related issues related to moms. Even brands are now looking for myriad ways to make the intelligent application of data. They are now smashing the communication barriers to lending a helping hand to the moms to overcome their mental health-related issues.

The motive is clear that since a mother is that sacred thread that unites all the bonds in perfect harmony, she should be given her just due.

Especially on Mother’s day, an exhaustive number of brands now roll out content in the form of engaging campaigns that connect with the mothers in regards to their wellness and supporting them. 

To put it into a nutshell, Moms are constantly exposed to the brands willingly or unwillingly. A large number of diversified initiatives launched by varied platforms have already failed in addressing the mental health and overall wellness of moms. Acknowledging the same, the overall role of brands in the context of addressing the mental health and wellness issues may prove to be a game changer. Even brands are now more than eager to accept the challenge with a transformed attitude and dynamism. Even brands are now working on launching progressive strategies based on a holistic approach, mainly through the help of resourceful content. Besides that, aggressive deployment of newer technologies, purposeful and insightful influencer marketing tactics implemented by brands may help in dispelling the evils associated with the mental illness.  

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