Searching for a video or an Image via keyword is already quite popular. 62% of Millennials desire the ability to visually search over any other new technology, and the likes of Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and Bing have already developed significant capabilities in this area.This means, search will be about pictures optimised with appropriate keywords. By 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual and video search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%.

Let’s deep dive into image search to understand how it works; check the carousel post.To make the most of the increased amount of visual searches, you want to make sure your image and video SEO campaigns are in tip-top shape. With Google Lens, people can take a photo of something they want to buy and receive search results that lead directly to product pages. Based on an image of a woman with a bag, a visual search would enable you with a bag, a visual search would enable you to shop for an identical or similar bag. Google lens can not only identify objects in an image, but also match them to local retailers, provide customer reviews and sort listings.


Now, after understanding how it works, let’s see how much important it is and why it is needed:

  1. Humans prefer visuals: Us, human beings are the visual creatures. We prefer images to texts. Anybody will get more attracted to an aesthetic picture or video rather than a plain and simple text. In this era with people with such short attention spans, videos or images can help you much more.
  2. It strikes an instant connection: People relate to videos and images much more than texts. Even if they watch it for just 5 seconds, it leaves an impact on them. So, if you are still using the text method, you are missing out.
  3. Visuals generate more organic visibility: People use Google lens and image search 40% more than normal or text search. Using images will ensure you with much more organic visibility and thus more prospects.
  4. This is more memorable: People tend to memorize images and videos more than plain and simple articles or even words. So, use this tendency to your advantage!
  5. Visuals drive more traffic: Visuals help drive more percentage of traffic, rather than words or texts, thus providing you more leads.
  6. Reuse and repurpose: Alongside for SEO, you can even use visuals in social media marketing. Thus, it serves your purpose and helps you gain more with small tasks.
  7. If you are still clinging on to the boring old methods, it’s high time you change and get accustomed to new things!


Now, if you want to make sure that your Image and video SEO campaigns are in tip-top shape, apply the basics:

  • Always include alt text in your image descriptions: Sometimes, the images may fail to load or due to some glitch, it may not appear. Using alt texts helps a lot in such situations.
  • Submit images to your sitemaps: Submitting images to your sitemaps helps Google find the images which cannot be found otherwise. This is an important method and this thing helps a lot.
  • Include your target SEO keywords in the file name of your image: This will help highlight the important keywords and get more attention from the target audience.
  • Use top quality images and videos, including HD: This is very important. Nobody likes a poor quality image or video. You should always maintain the quality, no matter what.


Currently, only 8% of retailers have built an image search into their web inventory. The recent partnership gives shopify merchants a way to upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products to a statement from Pinterest.
This is just an example of how brands can incorporate visual search and video options as a way for customers to browse products easily on their site.
Be smart and grab this opportunity and use it to your advantage. With changing times, you too have to play smart and use this as an advantage to earn profits. Everything around us is evolving, with changing times come new and developed ways. Many of the ways turn out to be inconvenient but this one is not one of them. So just be ready to get-set-go!
I can help you optimize, Image and video SEO for visual searches. DM me to learn more.

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