Voice Search was introduced by Google in 2011 and initially was more of a novelty than a feature that users relied upon at the time. Current figures show that around 41% of adults use voice search at least once per day. Earlier, It was fun to ask Alexa silly questions to see how “she” would respond. But voice technologies have drastically improved, and new hardware like Google Home and Apple HomePod is moving into the marketplace. 

The global movement to perfect voice technology means marketers will have to fine-tune their SEO strategy to optimize voice search regularly. Voice recognition from Google already has an accuracy of 95%. This indicates any business seeking to attract the possible inbound traffic to your website must implement Voice SEO moving forward.


Now, let’s see, why is voice technology something that you need to consider to make your SEO strategy even better:

Natural Language: With the advancement of the voice technology, now the system can even recognise day-to-day languages. This attracts the people more towards voice search. So, if you still think that this is not important, you are totally wrong.

Keyword length: Spoken sentences are not that short as written ones. A long sentence when written appears to be longer rather than when spoken. So, you can use more keywords and this will target a larger percentage of the audience. Hence, it is a better alternative.

Question words: Voice searches include question words such as why, what, which, who, how which are generally omitted in the written search. Hence, this is much more convenient.

Sematic searches: The searches become more sematic, i.e, the user’s intent is much clear in voice searches than in written searches where it is more of a lexical search.

Local search: Voice technology has brought a great focus on the local searches. Consumers are likely to search locally when using voice search. This is a great advantage to the business owners to expand their business.

SERP’s: Voice search has higher ranks in search engine result pages. They are likely to get the top three positions.

Ecommerce: Ecommerce is very much impacted by voice as more and more customers use voice searches to purchase products.

Hope I could make it clear as to why voice search is important. It is important as well that you are well-adapted with the voice search, here is how you can:

  •  Using google voice to optimize contents and keywords.
  •  Optimizing content with long-tail keywords
  •  Using identifiable extract to optimize snippets
  •  Working on a structured data and schema
  •  Providing local information for your brand using Google My Business
  • Using high-quality links.


Now, I will suggest few ways by which you can improve your site for voice search:

  1. Using natural language with direct answers to specific questions is the key.
  2. Rich snippets and schema markup can help queries and answers in a better-understood context by search engines.
  3. Keep Google My Business listing and eCommerce stores with up-to-date information.
  4. Ensure your content is optimized and updated by eliminating outdated contact information.
  5. Domain authority plays a big role in the appearance of voice search results.

An important Tip: To enhance for voice search, consider your keywords. Identify longer phrases that people use in everyday conversation. For example, a person might:

Voice search, ‘What are the new marketing trends for 2021?”, but type the keywords “new marketing trends 2021.”


Now, everything said and done, I hope it is clear as to why optimizing your SEO for voice search is important. Statistical reports have shown that over 75% of people use voice search nowadays, instead of word search, so it is important that you get accustomed to the fast changing and evolving world where voice search is an important aspect, an integral part of people’s lives now.

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