A Tactful Tryst With Work-From-Home Model

When the pandemic struck, the world plunged into unprecedented chaos and foreboding. During this time, Work From Home became an alternative way to maintain a sense of normality and help professional lives continue.

From that point forward, it is safe to say that working from home has become an important part of the modern workplace. In fact, according to a survey done by Mckinsey, 87 percent of the total people surveyed wanted to opt for work from home readily. (1)

Despite many people still teasing this concept and relying on, ‘on-site’ recruitment methods, I believe that adhering to a few simple guidelines can help harness the power of this highly desirable work model to its fullest potential.

Digi Acai has kind of cracked work from home for its employees following the below strategies::

  • Chart Out Clear Work Processes For The Day

    This is what I firmly believe in Digi Acai. As a niche SEO agency, we make sure that the employees are intimated about all the work tasks beforehand. This ensures that there is no ambiguity in the deliverable requirements, and hence, work hours are not lost in task deliberations.

  • Collaborative and Timely Methods For Deliverable Planning And Meetings

    We ensure that all meetings for the day are pre-planned and timely notification has been sent to the invitees. By using collaborative methods such as Slack, Google Meet, etc., we are able to engage and fruitfully collaborate with the members.

  • Delegation

    I believe that one has to trust their employees completely while delegating work and responsibilities to them. This trust will translate into greater ownership and accountability on the part of the team members.

  • Morning Meetings

    All the members of Digi Acai convene for a morning meeting to put their tasks for the day in perspective and to buck each other up to execute their respective takes to the best of their abilities. Morning meetings have enabled my team members to connect with each other beyond the ambit of just virtual work meetings and messages.

  • Flexibility

    Although the dynamics of the ‘Work From Home’ model are anchored to flexibility, we encourage the employees to take informed breaks so as to reinforce an environment of systematic and clear communication.

  • Having A Dedicated Work Set-Up At Home

    By encouraging our employees at Digi Acai to have a dedicated workspace at home, they are enabled to demarcate between a place of executing their professional commitments and their personal space.

    The above-mentioned pointers have invigorated our growth rate by allowing us to save up on infrastructural costs, and those savings are translated into better rates for our clients. We pride ourselves on fully embracing the endowments of this new-age work culture and tweaking its dynamics to boost productivity and growth.

    Above writeup is articulated by Srishti Jaitwani based on the views expressed by Neha Agarwal on her Linkedin here.

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