My Journey with Digi Acai: Inspired by Indian Mythology

Being a staunch believer and an ardent follower of Indian Mythology – a treasure chest full of precious gems of wisdom and guidance; I have tried to live my life both personally and professionally by abiding to the virtues of Dharma, Karma and the valuable teachings of our Gurus and deities. 

At Digi Acai, I have relentlessly worked to create a world, where we execute our work with righteousness and ethics. The rewards of which I’ve reaped and my confidence and self-belief grew by leaps and bounds, with each client belting out appreciation for the projects executed; their tangible returns and with their conviction to continue to be associated with us.

Together, we navigated through the pandemic, and learnt to deal with the challenges it brought along. We built a model of 100% work from home and meticulously steered through the unknown, built robust processes to streamline the initial setbacks or hiccups that pulled us down or slowed our momentum. There have been umpteen moments to rejoice and a lot of lessons to ponder and learn from.

The Difficult Decisions

With industry trends and customer requirements rapidly evolving. We have had to take the decision to move away from 100% work from home to a hybrid mode of working. This was by far the most difficult decision for me to implement, where I had to take some tough measures.

Learning from Mahabharat

I derived my strength from the teachings of The Bhagavad Gita, where Lord Krishna guides Arjun, who was reluctant to participate in the war and fight against his loved ones on the opposing side.

Lord Krishna, helped him to overcome his emotional attachment and pushed him to fulfill his Karma and perform his duty to fight the battle that stood ahead of him, without any attachment.

Similarly, I too had to keep aside my emotions and attachments and had to destroy processes that I had built with fervor and passion. I had to be critical of the systems I once approved. This may have offended some, questions were raised, hurt at both ends happened. In the end, it led to evolution within the company. 

“Navigating through this difficult period, I have had the opportunity to understand the underlying learning from our epics, The Mahabharata and The Ramayana – the cyclical process of creation, destruction, followed by restoration and recreation.”

I too am now focussing all my energies and forging towards recreating a team that synergizes with our commitment to being flexible and learning quickly to adapt to customer requirements and industry trends. 

Learnings as a founder:

My journey of building this world, I fondly call Digi Acai, navigating through moments of triumphs and downturns has been by far the most exhilarating and learning experiences of my life. 

It offered countless opportunities to reflect and gather valuable insights for both personal and professional growth. Through this process, I learnt to embrace change, no matter how difficult it had been, letting go of attachments and relentlessly striving for personal and professional renewal. 

Drawing my strength from the divine figures, Brahma – Vishnu – Mahesh, who symbolize – Creation – Perseverance and Transformation, I am more determined than ever to tread on this new path of self-discovery, focussing on the way ahead, placing each step at a time, with determination and complete faith, knowing that I have their blessings and guidance with me forever. 

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