Netflix Series/Movies : My Personal Faves (English & Hindi) 

Must Watch Netflix Series/Movies For Today’s Ambitious & Mature Indian Women: My Personal Faves (English & Hindi) 

While curling up on the couch for a Netflix marathon may not sound like a constructive pastime. But, Netflix is a gold mine of uplifting and inspiring documentaries that will feed your mind and improve your mood. 

Here are some of my greatest picks from Netflix!

Grace And Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a comedy-drama that follows the lives of two women in their 70s who start their unique business after their husbands announce that they are gay and in love. It is hilarious, touching, and has a strong message about how important it is to empower oneself, irrespective of age or situation. 

Why did I like it?

It has all the elements – Humour, ambition, entrepreneurship tips, strong women, breaking barriers in several ways like age is no bar to starting your own business. 

Working Moms

Workin’ Moms is a Canadian series that shows an unfiltered view of the lives of 4 mothers, their life as wives, moms, working women and friends. 

Why did I like it

Female friendships. I relate a lot with Kate Foster, who started her new business with a small baby. I specifically liked a scene when she comes in front of her baby and shouts out loud to save her baby from the bear in a jungle. 

Emily in Paris

The series features a young girl Emily who moves to Paris from Chicago for a dream Marketing Executive job opportunity. She faces a cultural shift while embracing the adventures and challenges that come along the way. 

Why did I like it

I can relate to her passion for social media and client deliverables. In addition, I love that she travels to a completely different country and makes a life of her own. 

Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker

It’s an inspiring educational series revolving around the first self-made African American entrepreneur who builds a beauty empire from being a poor washerwoman. She had a strong vision behind what she wanted to do and how the product she wanted to make could help black women deal with their hair. 

Why did I like it

Her journey from being a washerwoman to a self-made millionaire is commendable. She personifies Passion, Experience and Persistence, which in my opinion, are the crucial pillars in every entrepreneur’s life. 

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore girls is a warmhearted drama featuring a mother, daughter and grandmother. The series showcases how age is never an obstacle if you are passionate about doing something. Irrespective of age, ladies in the series take inspiration from large and small risks, go back to school, finish a degree and start a successful business.

Why did I like it

The mother-daughter bonding. I like Rory for her sincerity in school. I used to be the same during my school days. I used to participate in extracurricular activities too. I am also raised by a strong single mother, so I can relate to her in more ways than one can. 

Bombay Begums

The story brings into the limelight 5 women from different spheres of life who are on a quest to conquer their ambitions while dealing with self vulnerabilities, crises and desires. The drama addresses several problems related to patriarchal conventions and women’s struggles. However, the end goal for all the ladies, despite their various hardships, is survival.

Why did I like it

I loved how different characters inspire every woman to break societal boundaries and pave the way for themselves. It’s very inspiring to learn that these women are so well-driven and persistent in achieving their objectives irrespective of age, gender, and social and economic standing.

The Bold Type

The show depicts how three ladies, Kat, Sutton and Jane, scale their career ladder in present times while facing real-world professional challenges such as appraisal negotiations and bullying while simultaneously learning the importance of supporting other women at work and pursuing ambition.

Why did I like it

I love the message it spreads that women can be great co-workers, too, and with the support of each other, they can build an empire. I was able to relate to the fact that the future is all digital, the power of social media and the advantage they both can bring to one’s business if utilised well.

Virgin River 

The American drama series revolves around a female protagonist, Mel who lost her baby while giving birth and husband Mark in a horrific car accident. To relieve herself from agony and start afresh in life, she moves to a remote Northern California town of Virgin River. But, it didn’t come out the way she thought. Irrespective of losing so much in life, she showed immense affection and compassion for people she met during the whole journey. 

Why did I like it-  No matter how hard we try and what we face in life, there’s always a fact that- God has his plans set for us all we need to do is place our trust in him while not losing our morality.

Finding Ola

The series is a perfect blend of humour, and a well-portrayed character Ola, a woman whose seemingly flawless life is shattered by a defining moment. After the divorce, Ola had to take care of her two kids. While her husband was supportive and wanted to offer her financial help, she didn’t want any favours. Hence, she started her business to support her family. Starting a business of her own takes her on a voyage of self-discovery while putting her life back together and juggling all of her commitments. This series gives a valuable lesson about how important it is to stay financially independent. 

Why did I like it

I like how the series shows the importance of one woman supporting another without any judgements and grudges. Ola doesn’t stay in touch with her all-time best friend, Nisreen, as her husband didn’t like Nisreen. But, post-divorce, when Ola contacts her best friend again, Nisreen wholeheartedly accepts her without judging. She also lent her support in setting up her business and proved to be a great moral support. I believe that real female friendships are important. 

Chesapeake Shores

It’s a heart-warming drama of a family who makes peace by learning from the past and reconnecting with each other. 

Why did I like it

I loved how the story gracefully reminds me that no matter how difficult decisions might be, with courage and motivated spirit, there is always a glimmer of hope waiting for us as the clouds start to break. And, also inspite of all the differences, having your family with you in toughest of the situations is the biggest support.


Tribhanga is a heart-touching layered narrative defining the mother-daughter relationships. The disparate choices they made throughout their life and how their choices affected their loved ones. The movie also brings to light the challenges women face when deciding to take an unconventional route in a patriarchal society. 

Why did I like it

I can relate to the three characters’ unique mother-daughter bond. The love they had for each other irrespective of different upbringings, the difference in the relationships they shared and the tiff’y’ arguments didn’t shake their love for each other.

I hope, just like me, these movies entertain and inspire you to do your best in all your endeavours!

Note: This blog is written with the help of Akanksha Gupta, our writer from Digi Acai team.

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