Keep Working On Your Skills – Says Tushar Kamal, Digital Marketing Professional

I met Tushar Kamal in 2015 through Internshala. He was pursuing MBA from Delhi School of Economics (DSE) and had applied for internship at During his interview he came across as a sincere, dedicated and intelligent student. So I offered him an internship in my team. He always took up responsibilities seriously and had a zeal to learn it all.

Tushar contributed in many SEO activities and soon he became a go-to intern in my team. And eventually after a couple of months his internship was over. After MBA, he worked with companies like floweraura, and used to tell me his  career updates. I am so happy to see him progressing well.

Here is a short interview of Tushar for you all to know what it takes a professional to excel in digital marketing as a career.

How did you start your career in Digital Marketing?

I started my career in Digital Marketing with my summer internship at during my MBA. As I had developed an interest in Digital Marketing during my 1st Semester of MBA and I got the opportunity to explore about SEO during my summer internship.

Tell us more about your internship experience in How it helped in shaping your career path?

I had a wonderful experience during my internship at As it was my first encounter with job so I not only learnt about my working domain but also about working in any corporate. I am very grateful to and specially to my mentor Ms Neha Agarwal for providing me such a great opportunity to learn about nuances of SEO. This internship not only helped me getting hands-on experience of Digital Marketing but also encouraged me to work in Digital Marketing domain. So overall, it was a great learning opportunity for me and I admire the efforts being put in by my mentor to help me understand each and everything in detail.

What is your role at Bajaj Finserv?

I am hired as a Manager – Online Business at Bajaj Finserv where my role would be to re-engage all the customers of Bajaj Finance. As they have a huge product line so my role would also be to cross-sell and up-sell products. I would be responsible for generating leads and drive conversions for them through high ROI generating channels such as Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Onsite Notifications etc.

How do you keep yourself updated in ever-changing Digital Marketing profile?

I keep myself updated by following various Groups on Facebook and consistently reading various blogs and keep on enhancing my skills through various MOOCs being offered my Udemy, Udacity, edX etc. I take on various different tasks in my team as well and then learn it on the job which gives me a better understanding of concepts and implementation of the same in real-world problems

What is your advice for beginners in Digital Marketing?

One advice that I would give to beginners is that keep working on your skills and remember Digital Marketing and programming/ technical knowledge go hand-in-glove, so try to learn them or atleast have a working knowledge of the same. Learning HTML, some basic JS queries would take you a long way in this domain.

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